Commit afde59d2 authored by Frederic Massart's avatar Frederic Massart Committed by Dan Poltawski
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MDL-55071 admin: Remove reference to former localisedtext class

parent dd460c22
......@@ -4,8 +4,6 @@ This files describes API changes in /admin/*.
* Admin settings have been refined to better support right-to-left languages. In RTL,
most fields should not have their direction flipped, a URL, a path to a file, ...
are always displayed LTR. Most of the admin_setting classes will now prefer LTR.
If you must not force left-to-right, here are a few options:
* Call admin_setting::set_force_ltr(false) on your setting;
* Use the php class admin_setting_localisedtext for text inputs;
* Use the php class admin_setting_localisedtextarea for larger text inputs.
are always displayed LTR. The admin setting will now best guess if they should be
RTLized based on their PARAM_* type. To override that guess, use
......@@ -1909,9 +1909,6 @@ abstract class admin_setting {
* Get whether this should be displayed in LTR mode.
* For more information on this setting, please check the documentation
* provided with {@link admin_setting_localisedtext}.
* @return bool|null
public function get_force_ltr() {
......@@ -1921,9 +1918,6 @@ abstract class admin_setting {
* Set whether to force LTR or not.
* For more information on this option, please read the documentation
* provided with the class {@link admin_setting_localisedtext}.
* @param bool $value True when forced, false when not force, null when unknown.
public function set_force_ltr($value) {
......@@ -2123,9 +2117,6 @@ class admin_setting_heading extends admin_setting {
* This type of field should be used for config settings which are using
* English words and are not localised (passwords, database name, list of values, ...).
* For localised strings such as a person's name, text to display to the users, etc...
* please refer to {@link admin_setting_localisedtext}.
* @license GNU GPL v3 or later
class admin_setting_configtext extends admin_setting {
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