Commit afaf64b3 authored by Paul Holden's avatar Paul Holden
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MDL-67174 core: update standard plugins list.

Add Forum summary report and Atto emoji picker.
parent 01aa1268
......@@ -1687,7 +1687,7 @@ class core_plugin_manager {
'equation', 'fontcolor', 'html', 'image', 'indent', 'italic',
'link', 'managefiles', 'media', 'noautolink', 'orderedlist',
'recordrtc', 'rtl', 'strike', 'subscript', 'superscript', 'table',
'title', 'underline', 'undo', 'unorderedlist', 'h5p'
'title', 'underline', 'undo', 'unorderedlist', 'h5p', 'emojipicker',
'assignment' => array(
......@@ -1786,6 +1786,10 @@ class core_plugin_manager {
'singleactivity', 'social', 'topics', 'weeks'
'forumreport' => array(
'gradeexport' => array(
'ods', 'txt', 'xls', 'xml'
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