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MDL-54104 webservice: Return section number in WS get_course_contents

parent b8474fe0
......@@ -198,6 +198,7 @@ class core_course_external extends external_api {
list($sectionvalues['summary'], $sectionvalues['summaryformat']) =
external_format_text($section->summary, $section->summaryformat,
$context->id, 'course', 'section', $section->id);
$sectionvalues['section'] = $section->section;
$sectioncontents = array();
//for each module of the section
......@@ -325,6 +326,7 @@ class core_course_external extends external_api {
'visible' => new external_value(PARAM_INT, 'is the section visible', VALUE_OPTIONAL),
'summary' => new external_value(PARAM_RAW, 'Section description'),
'summaryformat' => new external_format_value('summary'),
'section' => new external_value(PARAM_INT, 'Section number inside the course', VALUE_OPTIONAL),
'modules' => new external_multiple_structure(
new external_single_structure(
......@@ -749,10 +749,12 @@ class core_course_externallib_testcase extends externallib_advanced_testcase {
$this->assertEquals(2, $testexecuted);
$this->assertEquals(0, $firstsection['section']);
// Check that the only return section has the 5 created modules.
$this->assertCount(4, $firstsection['modules']);
$this->assertCount(1, $lastsection['modules']);
$this->assertEquals(2, $lastsection['section']);
try {
$sections = core_course_external::get_course_contents($course->id,
This files describes API changes in /course/*,
information provided here is intended especially for developers.
=== 3.2 ===
* External function core_course_external::get_course_contents now returns the section's number in the course (new section field).
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