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MDL-46747 questions: add More info link to qbehaviour help.

Thanks to Tony Gardner-Medwin for the suggestion.
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......@@ -343,6 +343,7 @@ $string['howquestionsbehave_help'] = 'Students can interact with the questions i
Alternatively, you may wish for students to submit each question as they go along to get immediate feedback, and if they do not get it right immediately, have another try for fewer marks. That would be \'Interactive with multiple tries\' mode.
Those are probably the two most commonly used modes of behaviour. ';
$string['howquestionsbehave_link'] = 'question/behaviour';
$string['importfromcoursefiles'] = '... or choose a course file to import.';
$string['importfromupload'] = 'Select a file to upload ...';
$string['includesubcategories'] = 'Also show questions from subcategories';
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