Commit 995d770e authored by Tim Hunt's avatar Tim Hunt
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MDL-47494 gapselect: Files in hints were not moved or deleted properly for OU qtypes. #3478

parent 876b2955
......@@ -313,10 +313,12 @@ abstract class qtype_gapselect_base extends question_type {
public function move_files($questionid, $oldcontextid, $newcontextid) {
parent::move_files($questionid, $oldcontextid, $newcontextid);
$this->move_files_in_combined_feedback($questionid, $oldcontextid, $newcontextid);
$this->move_files_in_hints($questionid, $oldcontextid, $newcontextid);
protected function delete_files($questionid, $contextid) {
parent::delete_files($questionid, $contextid);
$this->delete_files_in_combined_feedback($questionid, $contextid);
$this->delete_files_in_hints($questionid, $contextid);
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