Commit 950da9db authored by jun's avatar jun Committed by Jenkins

MDL-63183 auth_shibboleth: Don't render page when already logged in

parent d3c9d930
......@@ -69,7 +69,19 @@ $PAGE->https_required();
echo $OUTPUT->header();
if (isloggedin() and !isguestuser()) {
// Prevent logging when already logged in, we do not want them to relogin by accident because sesskey would be changed.
echo $OUTPUT->box_start();
$params = array('sesskey' => sesskey(), 'loginpage' => 1);
$logout = new single_button(new moodle_url('/login/logout.php', $params), get_string('logout'), 'post');
$continue = new single_button(new moodle_url('/'), get_string('cancel'), 'get');
echo $OUTPUT->confirm(get_string('alreadyloggedin', 'error', fullname($USER)), $logout, $continue);
echo $OUTPUT->box_end();
} else {
echo $OUTPUT->footer();
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