Commit 907b175c authored by Shamim Rezaie's avatar Shamim Rezaie
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MDL-58768 core: Fix a typo for callback name

parent faa5d173
......@@ -46,7 +46,7 @@ information provided here is intended especially for developers.
MDL-55611 can be found at The 3 new callbacks are:
- mod_<modname>_core_calendar_is_event_visible
- mod_<modname>_core_calendar_provide_event_action
- mod_<modname>_core_calendar_event_action_show_items_acount
- mod_<modname>_core_calendar_event_action_shows_item_count
* Changes to the moodleform_mod class and its usage (MDL-58138):
- the get_data() method has been overriden. The implementation calls parent::get_data() and a new data_postprocessing() method
- new data_postprocessing() method added. Mods can override this in their mod_form subclass to modify the submit data. Previously
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