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MDL-70815 completion: Test internal_get_state() with custom completion

Use the custom completion implementation for mod_choice to test
completion_info::get_state() to cover the case where the completion
state is being determined from the custom completion condition.
parent 2f0914e5
......@@ -427,6 +427,34 @@ class core_completionlib_testcase extends advanced_testcase {
$this->assertEquals(COMPLETION_INCOMPLETE, $completioninfo->internal_get_state($cm, $teacher->id, null));
* Test for internal_get_state() for an activity that supports custom completion.
public function test_internal_get_state_with_custom_completion() {
$choicerecord = [
'course' => $this->course,
'completionsubmit' => COMPLETION_ENABLED,
$choice = $this->getDataGenerator()->create_module('choice', $choicerecord);
$cminfo = cm_info::create(get_coursemodule_from_instance('choice', $choice->id));
$completioninfo = new completion_info($this->course);
// Fetch completion for the user who hasn't made a choice yet.
$completion = $completioninfo->internal_get_state($cminfo, $this->user->id, COMPLETION_INCOMPLETE);
$this->assertEquals(COMPLETION_INCOMPLETE, $completion);
// Have the user make a choice.
$choicewithoptions = choice_get_choice($choice->id);
$optionids = array_keys($choicewithoptions->option);
choice_user_submit_response($optionids[0], $choice, $this->user->id, $this->course, $cminfo);
$completion = $completioninfo->internal_get_state($cminfo, $this->user->id, COMPLETION_INCOMPLETE);
$this->assertEquals(COMPLETION_COMPLETE, $completion);
public function test_set_module_viewed() {
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