Commit 893411c6 authored by Jake Dallimore's avatar Jake Dallimore

Merge branch 'MDL-69431-master' of git://

parents d9df954a ddc0da4b
......@@ -60,6 +60,15 @@ if (!empty($add)) {
// will be the closest match we have.
navigation_node::override_active_url(course_get_url($course, $section));
// MDL-69431 Validate that $section (url param) does not exceed the maximum for this course / format.
// If too high (e.g. section *id* not number) non-sequential sections inserted in course_sections table.
// Then on import, backup fills 'gap' with empty sections (see restore_rebuild_course_cache). Avoid this.
$courseformat = course_get_format($course);
$maxsections = $courseformat->get_max_sections();
if ($section > $maxsections) {
print_error('maxsectionslimit', 'moodle', '', $maxsections);
list($module, $context, $cw, $cm, $data) = prepare_new_moduleinfo_data($course, $add, $section);
$data->return = 0;
$data->sr = $sectionreturn;
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