Commit 767a1e74 authored by jun's avatar jun
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MDL-74812 gradingform_rubric: Add radiogroup role properly

Do not add the radiogroup role to the rubric criterion when the rubric
table is being displayed on edit or preview modes.
parent cf77cd66
......@@ -120,7 +120,14 @@ class gradingform_rubric_renderer extends plugin_renderer_base {
// Levels table.
$levelsrowparams = array('id' => '{NAME}-criteria-{CRITERION-id}-levels');
if ($mode != gradingform_rubric_controller::DISPLAY_EDIT_FULL) {
// Add radiogroup role only when not previewing or editing.
$isradiogroup = !in_array($mode, [
if ($isradiogroup) {
$levelsrowparams['role'] = 'radiogroup';
$levelsrow = html_writer::tag('tr', $levelsstr, $levelsrowparams);
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