Commit 74b6860a authored by Petr Skoda's avatar Petr Skoda
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CONTRIB-2656 fix disabling of printing

parent 292a46eb
......@@ -52,7 +52,7 @@ require_capability('mod/book:read', $context);
$allowedit = has_capability('mod/book:edit', $context);
$allowimport = has_capability('mod/book:import', $context);
$allowprint = has_capability('mod/book:print', $context) and !$book->disableprinting;
$allowprint = (has_capability('mod/book:print', $context) and !$book->disableprinting);
$allowexport = has_capability('mod/book:exportimscp', $context);
$viewhidden = has_capability('mod/book:viewhiddenchapters', $context);
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