Commit 6abb0771 authored by Thong Bui's avatar Thong Bui
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MDL-70726 behat: should_not_exist function does not work correctly

parent 95dd305c
......@@ -1000,7 +1000,7 @@ EOF;
// Using the spin method as we want a reduced timeout but there is no need for a 0.1 seconds interval
// because in the optimistic case we will timeout.
// If all goes good it will throw an ElementNotFoundExceptionn that we will catch.
return $this->find($selectortype, $element, $exception, false, behat_base::get_reduced_timeout());
$this->find($selectortype, $element, $exception, false, behat_base::get_reduced_timeout());
} catch (ElementNotFoundException $e) {
// We expect the element to not be found.
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