Commit 5d864948 authored by Andrew Nicols's avatar Andrew Nicols
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MDL-53978 core: Improve cache usage when no callbacks are defined

parent 0f59b6dd
......@@ -7484,8 +7484,9 @@ function get_plugins_with_function($function, $file = 'lib.php', $include = true
// Including both although I doubt that we will find two functions definitions with the same name.
// Clearning the filename as cache_helper::hash_key only allows a-zA-Z0-9_.
$key = $function . '_' . clean_param($file, PARAM_ALPHA);
$pluginfunctions = $cache->get($key);
if ($pluginfunctions = $cache->get($key)) {
if ($pluginfunctions !== false) {
// Checking that the files are still available.
foreach ($pluginfunctions as $plugintype => $plugins) {
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