Commit 5a6084cf authored by Andrew Robert Nicols's avatar Andrew Robert Nicols
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MDL-29818: Improve error message when a grade has no answer

parent 6731a04d
......@@ -109,9 +109,13 @@ class qtype_multichoice_edit_form extends question_edit_form {
foreach ($answers as $key => $answer) {
//check no of choices
$trimmedanswer = trim($answer['text']);
if (empty($trimmedanswer)) {
$fraction = (float) $data['fraction'][$key];
if (empty($trimmedanswer) && empty($fraction)) {
if (empty($trimmedanswer)) {
$errors['fraction['.$key.']'] = get_string('errgradesetanswerblank', 'qtype_multichoice');
......@@ -41,6 +41,7 @@ $string['clozeaid'] = 'Enter missing word';
$string['correctansweris'] = 'The correct answer is: {$a}.';
$string['correctfeedback'] = 'For any correct response';
$string['editingmultichoice'] = 'Editing a Multiple choice question';
$string['errgradesetanswerblank'] = 'Grade set, but the Answer is blank';
$string['errfractionsaddwrong'] = 'The positive grades you have chosen do not add up to 100%<br />Instead, they add up to {$a}%';
$string['errfractionsnomax'] = 'One of the choices should be 100%, so that it is<br />possible to get a full grade for this question.';
$string['feedback'] = 'Feedback';
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