Commit 50dcc8af authored by Andrew Nicols's avatar Andrew Nicols
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MDL-53978 core: Do not run callbacks if upgrade is running

parent bb9716cc
......@@ -7474,6 +7474,11 @@ function get_plugin_list_with_function($plugintype, $function, $file = 'lib.php'
function get_plugins_with_function($function, $file = 'lib.php', $include = true) {
global $CFG;
if (during_initial_install() || isset($CFG->upgraderunning)) {
// API functions _must not_ be called during an installation or upgrade.
return [];
$cache = \cache::make('core', 'plugin_functions');
// Including both although I doubt that we will find two functions definitions with the same name.
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