Commit 4b7ad884 authored by Andrew Nicols's avatar Andrew Nicols
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MDL-63714 core: Wrap doRender in pendingjs

parent dc39d0cf
File suppressed by a .gitattributes entry or the file's encoding is unsupported.
......@@ -509,6 +509,7 @@ define(['core/mustache',
this.currentThemeName = themeName;
var iconTemplate = iconSystem.getTemplateName();
return this.getTemplate(iconTemplate).then(function() {
this.addHelpers(context, themeName);
var result = mustache.render(templateSource, context, this.partialHelper.bind(this));
......@@ -553,7 +554,11 @@ define(['core/mustache',
return $.Deferred().resolve(html, js).promise();
.then(function(html, js) {
return $.Deferred().resolve(html, js).promise();
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