Commit 40459677 authored by Tim Hunt's avatar Tim Hunt
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MDL-47797 question preview: show more technical info

It is helpful for developers creating question types (at least) to be
able to see this.
parent 9ebee5df
......@@ -426,8 +426,10 @@ $string['technicalinfo_help'] = 'This technical information is probably only use
$string['technicalinfominfraction'] = 'Minimum fraction: {$a}';
$string['technicalinfomaxfraction'] = 'Maximum fraction: {$a}';
$string['technicalinfoquestionsummary'] = 'Question summary: {$a}';
$string['technicalinforesponsesummary'] = 'Response summary: {$a}';
$string['technicalinforightsummary'] = 'Right answer summary: {$a}';
$string['technicalinfostate'] = 'Question state: {$a}';
$string['technicalinfovariant'] = 'Question variant: {$a}';
$string['unknownbehaviour'] = 'Unknown behaviour: {$a}.';
$string['unknownorunhandledtype'] = 'Unknown or unhandled question type: {$a}';
$string['unknownquestion'] = 'Unknown question: {$a}.';
......@@ -227,8 +227,10 @@ $technical[] = get_string('behaviourbeingused', 'question',
$technical[] = get_string('technicalinfominfraction', 'question', $qa->get_min_fraction());
$technical[] = get_string('technicalinfomaxfraction', 'question', $qa->get_max_fraction());
$technical[] = get_string('technicalinfovariant', 'question', $qa->get_variant());
$technical[] = get_string('technicalinfoquestionsummary', 'question', s($qa->get_question_summary()));
$technical[] = get_string('technicalinforightsummary', 'question', s($qa->get_right_answer_summary()));
$technical[] = get_string('technicalinforesponsesummary', 'question', s($qa->get_response_summary()));
$technical[] = get_string('technicalinfostate', 'question', '' . $qa->get_state());
// Start output.
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