Commit 3e66b0fc authored by Damyon Wiese's avatar Damyon Wiese
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MDL-51324 coursecat: Add to search courses unit test

Cover new option "requiredcapabilities".
parent 91ab264c
......@@ -511,6 +511,16 @@ class core_coursecatlib_testcase extends advanced_testcase {
$res = coursecat::search_courses(array('search' => 'Математика'));
$this->assertEquals(array($c3->id, $c6->id), array_keys($res));
$this->assertEquals(2, coursecat::search_courses_count(array('search' => 'Математика'), array()));
// Add necessary capabilities.
$this->assign_capability('moodle/course:create', CAP_ALLOW, context_coursecat::instance($cat2->id));
// Do another search with restricted capabilities.
$reqcaps = array('moodle/course:create');
$res = coursecat::search_courses(array('search' => 'test'), array(), $reqcaps);
$this->assertEquals(array($c8->id, $c5->id), array_keys($res));
$this->assertEquals(2, coursecat::search_courses_count(array('search' => 'test'), array(), $reqcaps));
public function test_course_contacts() {
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