Commit 3a528d4e authored by Tim Hunt's avatar Tim Hunt
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MDL-44948 add tool_qeupgradehelper to the list of deleted plugins.

parent 1a727e12
......@@ -908,7 +908,7 @@ class core_plugin_manager {
$plugins = array(
'qformat' => array('blackboard'),
'enrol' => array('authorize'),
'tool' => array('bloglevelupgrade'),
'tool' => array('bloglevelupgrade', 'qeupgradehelper'),
'theme' => array('mymobile', 'afterburner', 'anomaly', 'arialist', 'binarius', 'boxxie', 'brick', 'formal_white',
'formfactor', 'fusion', 'leatherbound', 'magazine', 'nimble', 'nonzero', 'overlay', 'serenity', 'sky_high',
'splash', 'standard', 'standardold'),
......@@ -1129,7 +1129,7 @@ class core_plugin_manager {
'assignmentupgrade', 'behat', 'capability', 'customlang',
'dbtransfer', 'generator', 'health', 'innodb', 'installaddon',
'langimport', 'log', 'multilangupgrade', 'phpunit', 'profiling',
'qeupgradehelper', 'replace', 'spamcleaner', 'task', 'timezoneimport',
'replace', 'spamcleaner', 'task', 'timezoneimport',
'unittest', 'uploadcourse', 'uploaduser', 'unsuproles', 'xmldb'
......@@ -3033,10 +3033,16 @@ function xmldb_main_upgrade($oldversion) {
if ($oldversion < 2014021900.01) {
// Force uninstall of deleted tool.
if (!file_exists("$CFG->dirroot/$CFG->admin/tool/qeupgradehelper")) {
// Remove all other associated config.
// Normally, in this sort of situation, we would do a file_exists check,
// in case the plugin had been added back as an add-on. However, this
// plugin is completely useless after Moodle 2.6, so we check that the
// files have been removed in upgrade_stale_php_files_present, and we
// uninstall it unconditionally here.
// Remove all associated config.
upgrade_main_savepoint(true, 2014021900.01);
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