Commit 33064113 authored by Sara Arjona's avatar Sara Arjona

MDL-71119 core_badges: Add more information to errors

Some errors raised when calling external services were ignored.
Displaying this information helps to debug and find the real reasons
why some action, like connecting to an external backpack, can't be
parent 4203a038
......@@ -245,11 +245,13 @@ class client extends \core\oauth2\client {
// Requests can either use http GET or POST.
$response = $this->post($this->token_url(), $this->build_post_data($params));
$r = json_decode($response);
if ($this->info['http_code'] !== 200) {
throw new moodle_exception('Could not upgrade oauth token');
$debuginfo = !empty($this->error) ? $this->error : $response;
throw new moodle_exception('oauth2refreshtokenerror', 'core_error', '', $this->info['http_code'], $debuginfo);
$r = json_decode($response);
if (is_null($r)) {
throw new moodle_exception("Could not decode JSON token response");
......@@ -468,6 +468,7 @@ $string['notownerofkey'] = 'You are not owner of this key';
$string['nousers'] = 'No such user!';
$string['oauth1accesstoken'] = 'OAuth 1.0 error: We did not obtain the access token.';
$string['oauth1requesttoken'] = 'OAuth 1.0 error: We did not obtain the request token - the service provider may be temporarily down.';
$string['oauth2refreshtokenerror'] = 'Could not refresh OAuth 2 token. HTTP status for remote endpoint: {$a}';
$string['onlyadmins'] = 'Only administrators can do that';
$string['onlyeditingteachers'] = 'Only editing teachers can do that';
$string['onlyeditown'] = 'You can only edit your own information';
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