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......@@ -111,8 +111,22 @@ module.exports = ({template, types}) => {
if (!this.seenDefine && path.get('callee').isIdentifier({name: 'define'})) {
// We only want to modify the first instance of define that we find.
this.seenDefine = true;
// Get the Moodle component for the file being processed.
var moduleName = getModuleNameFromFileName(this.file.opts.filename);
// The function signature of `define()` is:
// define = function (name, deps, callback) {...}
// Ensure that if the moduel supplied its own name that it is replaced.
if (path.node.arguments.length > 0) {
// Ensure that there is only one name.
if (path.node.arguments[0].type === 'StringLiteral') {
// eslint-disable-next-line
console.log(`Replacing module name '${path.node.arguments[0].extra.rawValue}' with ${moduleName}`);
// Add the module name as the first argument to the define function.
// Add a space after the define function in the built file so that previous versions
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