Unverified Commit 1d8e6dac authored by Jan Dageförde's avatar Jan Dageförde
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MDL-65022 wiki: declare the cancel button secondary

parent 89d12389
......@@ -108,8 +108,8 @@ class mod_wiki_edit_form extends moodleform {
$buttongroup = array();
$buttongroup[] = $mform->createElement('submit', 'editoption', get_string('save', 'wiki'), array('id' => 'save'));
$buttongroup[] = $mform->createElement('submit', 'editoption', get_string('preview'), array('id' => 'preview'));
$buttongroup[] = $mform->createElement('submit', 'editoption', get_string('cancel'), array('id' => 'cancel'));
$buttongroup[] = $mform->createElement('submit', 'editoption', get_string('preview'), array('id' => 'preview'), false);
$buttongroup[] = $mform->createElement('submit', 'editoption', get_string('cancel'), array('id' => 'cancel'), false);
$mform->addGroup($buttongroup, 'buttonar', '', array(' '), false);
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