Commit 194702f9 authored by Dan Poltawski's avatar Dan Poltawski
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lang/portfolio MDL-20897 Add missing lang strings

For new portfolio formats
parent 24ba58ee
......@@ -44,9 +44,13 @@ $string['failedtosendpackage'] = 'Failed to send your data to the selected portf
$string['failedtopackage'] = 'Could not find files to package';
$string['filedenied'] = 'Access denied to this file';
$string['filenotfound'] = 'File not found';
$string['format_document'] = 'Document';
$string['format_file'] = 'File';
$string['format_richhtml'] = 'HTML with attachments';
$string['format_pdf'] = 'PDF';
$string['format_plainhtml'] = 'HTML';
$string['format_presentation'] = 'Presentation';
$string['format_spreadsheet'] = 'Spreadsheet';
$string['format_image'] = 'Image';
$string['format_mbkp'] = 'Moodle Backup Format';
$string['format_video'] = 'Video';
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