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MDL-57623 behat: Remove deprecated step from 3.3

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......@@ -41,19 +41,6 @@ use Behat\Mink\Exception\ElementNotFoundException as ElementNotFoundException,
class behat_deprecated extends behat_base {
* Navigates to the course gradebook and selects a specified item from the grade navigation tabs.
* @Given /^I go to "(?P<gradepath_string>(?:[^"]|\\")*)" in the course gradebook$/
* @param string $gradepath
* @deprecated since Moodle 3.3 MDL-57282 - please do not use this step any more.
public function i_go_to_in_the_course_gradebook($gradepath) {
$alternative = 'I navigate to "' . $this->escape($gradepath) . '" in the course gradebook';
$this->execute('behat_grade::i_navigate_to_in_the_course_gradebook', $gradepath);
* Click link in navigation tree that matches the text in parentnode/s (seperated using greater-than character if more than one)
......@@ -50,6 +50,8 @@ validation against and defaults to null (so, no user needed) if not provided.
The following are _invalid_ template names and locations:
mod_forum/post/user: mod/forum/templates/local/post/user.mustache
* Following behat steps have been removed from core:
- I go to "<gradepath_string>" in the course gradebook
=== 3.7 ===
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