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    MDL-44070 Conditional availability enhancements (3): conditions · e01efa2c
    sam marshall authored
    Includes all the conditions that were in previous Moodle versions:
    * Date
    * Grade
    * Completion (of another activity)
    * User profile field
    Also includes conditions that are used to reimplement
    * Grouping
    * Group
    For each condition, the component plus unit tests are included.
    PLEASE NOTE: The code to actually check each condition is reused
    from previous Moodle versions and has not been modified except to
    pass codechecker. This is intentional, to reduce the risk of the
    change and maximise the chance that behaviour is preserved. Some
    of this code might not be very good and might need updating but
    that can happen separately.
     CPY [contains,core_condition],[op_contains,availability_profile]
     CPY [doesnotcontain,core_condition],[op_doesnotcontain,availability_profile]
     CPY [endswith,core_condition],[op_endswith,availability_profile]
     CPY [isempty,core_condition],[op_isempty,availability_profile]
     CPY [isequalto,core_condition],[op_isequalto,availability_profile]
     CPY [isnotempty,core_condition],[op_isnotempty,availability_profile]
     CPY [startswith,core_condition],[op_startswith,availability_profile]
     CPY [completion_fail,core_condition],[option_fail,availability_completion]
     CPY [completion_pass,core_condition],[option_pass,availability_completion]
     CPY [completion_complete,core_condition],[option_complete,availability_completion]
     CPY [completion_incomplete,core_condition],[option_incomplete,availability_completion]