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    MDL-71036 phpunit: Remove custom autoloader · be30af0e
    Eloy Lafuente authored
    Custom autoloaders are deprecated with PHPUnit 9 and will be removed
    with PHPUnit 10.
    Since PHPUnit 8.5 custom autoloaders don't do much because that
    version removed the ability to launch unit tests by class name
    and that's exactly the reason we had a custom autoloader (to map
    class names to files within our tests). See MDL-67673 about
    when direct use of classes was deprecated (8.5), now removed (9.5).
    So, as far as it's unused, removing it now, test still can be
    selectively using any of:
    - a relative path to file (although there are some restrictions comming
      with PHPUnit 9, see https://github.com/sebastianbergmann/phpunit/issues/4105
    - using --filter, to point to any classname[::method]
    - using --testsuite to run a complete suite
    - using --config to point to custom components.
    Also, commented out the lib/ajax/tests directory because it doesn't
    exist / is empty and PHPUnit 9 emits error when a configured test
    directory does not exist. See
    Alternative was to completely remove the configuration line, but
    decided to keep it around in case some day we want to add some
    test there.