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    MDL-65809 upgrade: clean < 3.5.0 upgrade steps · a26cfe71
    Sara Arjona authored
    This just deletes all the upgrade steps previous to 3.5.0. Some
    small adjustments, like tweaking globals can also be applied
    when needed.
    Also includes an upgrade step to prevent upgrading from any
    version < 2018051700 (v3.5.0) as anti-cheating measure.
    Previous commits have removed/deprecated all the upgradelib functions
    not used anymore in codebase. Deletion has been documented in corresponding
    upgrade.txt files:
    - upgrade_fix_block_instance_configuration()
    - upgrade_theme_is_from_family(), upgrade_find_theme_location()
    and linkcoursesectionsupgradescriptwasrun setting
    - upgrade_block_positions
    - upgrade_fix_config_auth_plugin_names()
     and upgrade_fix_config_auth_plugin_defaults()
    - format_xxx_upgrade_remove_numsections(), format_xxx_upgrade_hide_extra_sections()
    and format_xxx_upgrade_add_empty_sections()
    - filter_mathjaxloader_upgrade_cdn_cloudflare()
    and filter_mathjaxloader_upgrade_mathjaxconfig_equal()
    - get_assignments_with_rescaled_null_grades()