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    Changing the way that applicable formats for each block are defined:
    The format for each page is now the same as the id attribute of the
    BODY tag, which in turn is a simple function of the script's relative path:
    The format for e.g. a quiz view page is "mod-quiz-view". The format for the
    site index is "site-index". Exception: the format for courses is not just
    "course-view", but "course-view-weeks" etc.
    Obviously the applicable_formats() override for each block should now take
    this into account. The matching rules now are:
    * You can specify the full format, e.g. "mod-quiz-view" => true
      will allow the block to be added in quizzes
    * Prefixes match the full page format, e.g. "mod" matches ALL activities
    * You can use "*" as a wildcard, e.g. "mod-*-view" matches just the view.php
      page of all activities
    * These rules interoperate, thus "mod-*" is the same as "mod"
    * "all" remains as a catch-all situation