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    MDL-35297 book: replay some steps lost when book landed to core · 827b294c
    Eloy Lafuente authored
    This commit replays, conditionally, all the upgrade steps from
    MOODLE_19_STABLE to MOODLE_23_STABLE in the mod_book activity. That
    guarentees that any site using the mod_book before landing to core,
    no matter if it was the latest or an outdated one will upgrade
    perfectly to the expected current version.
    As a general rule, everytime one contrib plugin lands to core, its
    complete upgrade code must be kept, at least until the core version
    that introduced it, is out completely from the upgrade requirement
    In this case, with the missing upgrade code being added to 2.4, it
    will be safe to delete the upgrade steps once 2.5 (or upwards) become
    a requirement. Never always.