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    MDL-69308 upgrade: remove all the < 3.6.0 upgrade steps · 77342b96
    Eloy Lafuente authored
    This just deletes all the upgrade steps previous to 3.6.0. Some
    small adjustments, like tweaking globals can also be applied
    when needed.
    Also includes an upgrade step to prevent upgrading from any
    version < 2018120300 (v3.6.0) as anti-cheating measure.
    Note that in this case, there wasn't any case of upgradelib
    functions being used, hence we haven't to deprecate/remove
    anything in codebase. When there is such a need, that is done
    in separate commits (one for each function) and documented here.
    See MDL-65809 commits for an example removing/deprecating a
    good number of functions.