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    MDL-66003 lang: Import fixed English strings (en_fix) · 694f33c2
    Helen Foster authored and David Mudrák's avatar David Mudrák committed
    Significant string changes:
    * moodleorghubname,core_admin and
      sitemustberegistered,message_airnotifier - 'Moodle.net' changed to
    * registration_help,core_admin and registermoochtips,core_hub - removed
      erroneous 'access to Moodle.net our course sharing platform'
    * trackingtype_help,mod_forum and formnotavailable,core_grading and
      showgrades_help,core and rolewarning_help,core_rating -
      'Administration block' changed to 'Actions menu or admin block',
      'navigation block' changed to 'navigation drawer or block'