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    MDL-59265 analytics: Rename machine learning backend method · 5c5cb3ee
    David Monllaó authored
    - Method names renamed to avoid interface changes once
      we support regression and unsupervised learning
    - Adding regressor interface even if not implemente
    - predictor interface comments expanded
    - Differentiate model's required accuracy from predictions quality
    - Add missing get_callback_boundary call
    - Updated datasets' metadata to allow 3rd parties to code
      regressors themselves
    - Add missing option to exception message
    - Include target data into the dataset regardless of being a prediction
      dataset or a training dataset
    - Explicit in_array and array_search non-strict calls
    - Overwrite discrete should_be_displayed implementation with the binary one
    - Overwrite no_teacher get_display_value as it would otherwise look
    - Other minor fixes