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    MDL-73352 phpunit: lib_test and locallib_test testcase names · 511801cb
    Eloy Lafuente authored
    All lib_test and locallib_test classes:
    - Namespaced with component (and API whenever makes sense).
    - Fixed incorrect use statements with leading backslash.
    - Changed code to point to global scope when needed or add new uses.
    - All them passing individually.
    - Complete runs passing too.
    Special mention to tests under login/tests:
    1) The core_login component doesn't exist.
    2) But login/tests are allowed because there is a suite pointing to it (phpunit.xml).
    3) So, the only possible namespace for them is "core".
    4) And to avoid problems with other core testcases (under lib/tests)
       they have been renamed to have login_xxxx as prefix.