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    MDL-49329 admin: Get rid of mdeploy and \core\update\deployer class · 3bca7dbf
    David Mudrák authored
    The mdeploy.php standalone script (used to download and unzip plugins
    into the dirroot) and the \core\update\deployer class (as a
    communication bridge between the core and the mdeploy.php) was
    originally designed and implemented with the assumption that it would be
    eventually used for updating the Moodle core itself, too. Therefore it
    was written as standalone utility without dependency on the Moodle core
    However, it never happened and there is no real demand for that. So now
    there is no need to have and maintain a completely parallel solution for
    common things like fetching and unzipping plugin ZIPs.
    Additional reasoning for mdeploy.php was that the core is not very
    reliable during the core upgrade and we could run into various troubles.
    This does not seem to be that bad. We rely on a lot of core
    functionality (such as output rendering, DB access etc) and plugins
    deployment seems to work well (and better) with common core libraries.
    So long mdeploy, and thanks for all the hard work you did for us.