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    themes: MDL-19077 new $OUTPUT->header/footer to replace print_header/footer. · 34a2777c
    tjhunt authored
    Also, part of the change from weblib.php functions to $OUTPUT-> methods.
    This is part of
    This is a big change, and the result is not perfect yet. Expect some debugging output
    on some pages.
    The main part of these changes are that $OUTPUT->header now looks for a file
    in the theme called layout.php, rather than header.html and footer.html. Also
    you can have special templates for certain pages like layout-home.php. There is
    fallback code for Moodle 1.9 themes, so they still work.
    A few of the old arguments to print_header are no longer supported. (You get an
    exception if you try to use them.) Sam H will be cleaning those up.
    All the weblib functions that have been replaced with $OUTPUT-> have version in
    deprecatedlib, so existing code will go on working for the foreseeable future.