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    MDL-50625 auth_ldap: Better check for paged results support · e47863e8
    Iñaki Arenaza authored
    There is at least one LDAP server (Sun Directory Server) that doesn't
    support Paged Results extension, even if it supports LDAP version 3. So
    checking just for LDAP version is not enough.
    If possible, we check the supportedControl attribute of the LDAP rootDSE
    and see if the paged results control is available. This needs an LDAP
    connection, which might not be possible to establish before we configure
    some essential LDAP settings (server, bind user, password, etc.). Thus
    we try to establish the connection and check the supportedControl
    attribute. But if we fail, we perform only basic checks that are less
    accurate and err on the side of cautiousness.