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    First Official realease of the "Blocks System". · 0f3fe4b6
    stronk7 authored
    Integrated with Moodle:
        - Install automatically.
        - Update course->blockinfo for each course at installation time.
        - Modified course creation to insert into blockinfo field.
        - Modified restore to insert into blockinfo field.
        - Admin options (hide, show, delete, config) from admin page.
        - Lang strings inserted (en only).
        - Database support to mysql and postgresql (not tested!!).
    Moodle, backup and block versions updated to 2004041800.
    Tested with mysql: Install fresh and upgrade from previous.
    section_activities block renamed to social_activities and created
    its own lang file to support name "Social Activities". This can
    be changed at any time.
    Support it really in backup/restore.
    Enjoy!! Ciao :-)