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    MDL-33550 Correctly process situation when file reference source is missing · 0b2bfbd1
    Marina Glancy authored
    - do not die with fatal error if source file in moodle internal repository is missing;
    - moved code duplication for moodle repositories into class repository (functions send_file, get_reference_details, get_file_by_reference, get_file_reference);
    - update file status after repository::sync_external_file so we know that it is missing (or not missing anymore). Do not run this function more than once for file within one request;
    - display readable name for Private Files and Server files with the new format;
    - display broken icon in filemanager if we know that source is missing, display information (for admin) where it was located before: see repository::get_reference_details() and extending classes;
    - removed unnecessary queries in stored_file::sync_external_file();
    - syncronize files before displaying it's size in mod_resource, do not query  directly