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  4. 21 Jun, 2010 1 commit
    • Petr Skoda's avatar
      MDL-21782 reworked enrolment framework, the core infrastructure is in place,... · df997f84
      Petr Skoda authored
      MDL-21782 reworked enrolment framework, the core infrastructure is in place, the basic plugins are all implemented; see the tracker issue for list of unfinished bits, expect more changes and improvements during the next week
          MOV [sendcoursewelcomemessage,core_admin],[sendcoursewelcomemessage,enrol_self]
          MOV [configsendcoursewelcomemessage,core_admin],[sendcoursewelcomemessage_desc,enrol_self]
          MOV [enrolstartdate,core],[enrolstartdate,enrol_self]
          MOV [enrolenddate,core],[enrolenddate,enrol_self]
          CPY [welcometocourse,core],[welcometocourse,enrol_self]
          CPY [welcometocoursetext,core],[welcometocoursetext,enrol_self]
          MOV [notenrollable,core],[notenrollable,core_enrol]
          MOV [enrolenddaterror,core],[enrolenddaterror,enrol_self]
          MOV [enrolmentkeyhint,core],[passwordinvalidhint,enrol_self]
          MOV [coursemanager,core_admin],[coursecontact,core_admin]
          MOV [configcoursemanager,core_admin],[coursecontact_desc,core_admin]
          MOV [enrolledincourserole,core],[enrolledincourserole,enrol_manual]
          MOV [enrolme,core],[enrolme,core_enrol]
          MOV [unenrol,core],[unenrol,core_enrol]
          MOV [unenrolme,core],[unenrolme,core_enrol]
          MOV [enrolmentnew,core],[enrolmentnew,core_enrol]
          MOV [enrolmentnewuser,core],[enrolmentnewuser,core_enrol]
          MOV [enrolments,core],[enrolments,core_enrol]
          MOV [enrolperiod,core],[enrolperiod,core_enrol]
          MOV [unenrolroleusers,core],[unenrolroleusers,core_enrol]
      AMOS END
  5. 11 Jun, 2010 1 commit
    • David Mudrak's avatar
      MDL-22729 Course sections can be re-edited again · 09eb2151
      David Mudrak authored
      By the way, the current style of creating course_sections is ugly. We
      should probably have something like
      make_sure_that_at_least_default_section_exists($courseid, $sectionid=null)
      and not to insert it into database at many places as we do now.
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    • samhemelryk's avatar
      navigation MDL-14632 Very significant navigation commit · 7d2a0492
      samhemelryk authored
      This patch introduces two new blocks global_navigation_tree and settings_navigation_tree
      both of which have been designed to make full use of the new navigation objects available through
      the $PAGE object.
      Bulk of this code is within lib/navigationlib.php
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      themes & blocks - MDL-19077 & MDL-19010 blocks are now printed by the theme · d4a03c00
      tjhunt authored
      The code to print blocks in now in theme layout.php files. (Or in
      Code for printing blocks everywhere else has been stripped out.
      (Total diffstat 1225 insertions, 2019 deletions)
      The way the HTML for a block instance is generated has been cleaned
      up a lot. Now, the block_instance generates a block_contents
      object which gives a structured representation of the block,
      and then $OUTPUT->block builds all the HTML from that.
      How theme config.php files specify the layout template and block
      regions by page general type has been changed to be even more flexible.
      Further refinement for how the theme and block code gets initialised.
      Ability for scrits to add 'pretend blocks' to the page. That is,
      things that look like blocks, but are not normal block_instances.
      (Like the add a new block UI.)
      Things that are still broken:
       * some pages in lesson, quiz and resource. I'm working on it.
       * lots of developer debug notices pointing out things that
         need to be updated.
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      themes: MDL-19077 new $OUTPUT->header/footer to replace print_header/footer. · 34a2777c
      tjhunt authored
      Also, part of the change from weblib.php functions to $OUTPUT-> methods.
      This is part of http://docs.moodle.org/en/Development:Theme_engines_for_Moodle%3F
      This is a big change, and the result is not perfect yet. Expect some debugging output
      on some pages.
      The main part of these changes are that $OUTPUT->header now looks for a file
      in the theme called layout.php, rather than header.html and footer.html. Also
      you can have special templates for certain pages like layout-home.php. There is
      fallback code for Moodle 1.9 themes, so they still work.
      A few of the old arguments to print_header are no longer supported. (You get an
      exception if you try to use them.) Sam H will be cleaning those up.
      All the weblib functions that have been replaced with $OUTPUT-> have version in
      deprecatedlib, so existing code will go on working for the foreseeable future.
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