1. 15 Jul, 2013 1 commit
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      MDL-40167 dock: converted the dock JS to a YUI shifted module. · 84192d78
      Sam Hemelryk authored
      The patch converts the dock into a YUI shifter module and at
      the same time improves several aspects of its operation.
      The features of this patch include:
      * Dock Module conversion.
      * A loader that ensures we don't include the dock JS or its
        requirements unless actually required.
      * We no longer include the dock JS for themes that don't
        enable it.
      * Blocks no longer add registration events to the page
        instead a dockable attribute is added to the html and the
        loader looks for that.
      * The dock module is properly documented and running YUIDoc
        gives good quality documentation.
      * We no longer need the dock module registration or
      * All events that can be delegated are now delegated.
      * Removed unused variables and code left over after fixes.
      * Support for docking blocks renderered using the new blocks
        render method. Better support for custom block regions.
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