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  6. 20 Sep, 2016 1 commit
    • Russell Smith's avatar
      MDL-55124 database: Allow option to not send options. · f834a8f5
      Russell Smith authored
      pgbouncer doesn't accept the PostgreSQL options command as it can't
      process it.  If you are using pgBouncer you need to make sure your
      database is configured to set client encoding and standard_conforming_strings
      correctly on each connection.  pgBouncer can do this, as can ALTER
      Also using sockets without a filename did not allow different ports to work.
      This is because you either specify a filename which includes a port or
      you just specify a port and libpq works out the correct socket location.
  7. 06 Sep, 2016 1 commit
    • Russell Smith's avatar
      MDL-55504 profiling: Support for PHPUnit and big profiles. · 8f7dcb34
      Russell Smith authored
      To support PHPUnit we need to support large profiles, these may
      include backups and restores. To do that the following was required;
      - gzcompress for database space saving.
      - gzcompress for XML DomDocument field to say < 10Mb and allow imports.
      - Save PHPUnit runs directly to a file so they can be imported to the normal database.
      - Memory allowance on profiling view pages increases to support large profiles.
  8. 04 Aug, 2016 1 commit
  9. 10 Jun, 2016 1 commit
    • Russell Smith's avatar
      MDL-35628 performance: Remove dirname() where possible. · 1fcf0ca8
      Russell Smith authored
      dirname() is a slow function compared with __DIR__ and using
      '/../'.  Moodle has a large number of legacy files that are included
      each time a page loads and is not able to use an autoloader as it is
      functional code.  This allows those required includes to perform as
      best as possible in this situation.
  10. 06 May, 2016 1 commit
  11. 18 Apr, 2016 1 commit
    • Nicholas Hoobin's avatar
      MDL-53599 session: Added a session_class_handler for Redis. · c5211882
      Nicholas Hoobin authored
      It is now possible to set up Redis as a session handler for Moodle.
      Ensure that the phpredis extension is enabled and working on your sever.
      Please place the following lines in config.php
      $CFG->session_handler_class = '\core\session\redis';
      $CFG->session_redis_save_path = 'tcp://';
      To determine if it has been set correctly, navigate to
      $CFG->wwwroot/admin/phpinfo.php and find following the strings in the
      session block,
      session.save_handler = redis
      session.save_path = tcp://
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  15. 25 Feb, 2016 1 commit
    • Ruslan Kabalin's avatar
      MDL-50887 antivirus_clamav: Move global clamav settings to plugin level. · 7d19e0e3
      Ruslan Kabalin authored
       MOV [clamfailureonupload,core],[clamfailureonupload,antivirus_clamav]
       MOV [configclamactlikevirus,core],[configclamactlikevirus,antivirus_clamav]
       MOV [configclamdonothing,core],[configclamdonothing,antivirus_clamav]
       MOV [configclamfailureonupload,core],[configclamfailureonupload,antivirus_clamav]
       MOV [configpathtoclam,core],[configpathtoclam,antivirus_clamav]
       MOV [configquarantinedir,core],[configquarantinedir,antivirus_clamav]
       MOV [configrunclamavonupload,core],[configrunclamavonupload,antivirus_clamav]
       MOV [pathtoclam,core],[pathtoclam,antivirus_clamav]
       MOV [quarantinedir,core],[quarantinedir,antivirus_clamav]
       MOV [runclamavonupload,core],[runclamavonupload,antivirus_clamav]
      AMOS END
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    • zbdd's avatar
      MDL-42993 auth: spaces removed from usernames by default only · 77218e4a
      zbdd authored
      Functionality by default does not change with this patch.
      However spaces are no longer stripped when cleaning usernames IF
      $CFG->extendedusernamechars has been set.
      Also included 2 trim statements where small issues were found with reading
      external usernames in that  were not filtered for trailing whitespaces.
  31. 19 Aug, 2014 1 commit
  32. 23 Jun, 2014 1 commit
    • Sam Hemelryk's avatar
      MDL-37145 caching: noted recommendation for dedicated memcache servers · 2c0eb5e6
      Sam Hemelryk authored
      Several reports have been made about the unexpected purging of entire
      memcached servers when MUC is configured to use Memcache and caches
      get purged.
      This is expected and occurs because the memcache extenions don't
      provide isolated containers. Moodle data is stored along side any other
      data in the cache and when caches get purged all data gets removed
      whether it belongs to Moodle or not.
      The docs cover this point and here I've added notes about this to both
      config-dist.php and cache/README.md
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  35. 01 May, 2014 1 commit
    • Andrew Nicols's avatar
      MDL-45329 admin_task: Allow scheduled task change prevention · f12f3416
      Andrew Nicols authored
      Some hosting providers have a requirement to prevent users making
      modifications to the configuration of scheduled tasks as doing so may have
      a negative impact not only on their own site, but also on the performance
      of other sites (depending on host configuration). For example, if the
      statistics or automated backup tasks were run every minute, this could have
      a negative impact for other users).
  36. 01 Apr, 2014 1 commit
    • sam marshall's avatar
      MDL-43975 Sessions: Should support memcache, not just memcached · e645b4d5
      sam marshall authored
      This commit adds a session handler which works using memcache (without
      requiring the memcached extension), similar to the support for
      memcache within MUC.
      This may be less reliable than memcached but we have been using a
      similar approach on our system without problems. In case, I added a
      warning in config-dist.php.