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      MDL-45584 cache: Make identifiers part of the cache creation. · f3789f2f
      Russell Smith authored and Mark Nelson's avatar Mark Nelson committed
      It is now safe to cache a reference to a cache and expect consistent results.
      Changing identifiers altered cache results where a reference was
      held to the cache. Identifiers have been set to be cached with
      identifiers included so the caches are separate.
      As a consequence of this it was identified that invalidation events
      and identifiers don't easily work together as an event can't determine
      which identifiers should be used for cache invalidation.  So invalidation
      events have been made incompatible with identifiers being set.  No core
      code used this combination as it's not possible to understand any expected
      Event invalidation for application and session caches was centralised to the same
      location.  The only difference was the name of the lastinvalidation variable. This
      improves support and consistency of invalidation code.
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      NOBUG: Fixed file access permissions · 6765172e
      Dan Poltawski authored
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      MDL-56748 cache: Removes cache definition instances in purge_store · 70aa00de
      Andrew Nicols authored
      Previously a purge_store was only purging caches but it was leaving a
      reference to the store instance for the cache definition.
      As a result, the cache was never cleared away correctly and, in cases
      where the cache store makes a TCP connection to a backend system, the
      number of open sockets was increasing for each store instance.
      After a complete purge, as found in the unit test reset, the cache
      definitions should be both purged and removed.
      This change should also lead to a drop in memory consumption for unit
      tests as there will no longer be references to unused definition stores.
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      MDL-56273 cache: Use cache initialise always. · a169739d
      Russell Smith authored
      purge_all() and purge_by_definition() look in the configuration
      for which caches are available and then creates them to purge them.
      The configuration stores the values used by initialise(), not
      initialise_unit_test_instance() and would therefore fail to purge
      all caches if they were not purged by another means.
      In the case of filestore, it's purged by unit tests, in the case
      of memcache(d), it purges the whole store when a single definition
      is requested.
      Therefore all configuration was moved into the configuration file
      during unit tests and does not have any special override codes in
      the unit test infrastructure.
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      MDL-48468 cache: Import Redis cachestore · 68b1e130
      Russell Smith authored
      This code was originally taken from; https://github.com/durana/moodle-cachestore_redis
      Special thanks to Mark Nielsen and Adam Durana for their work on this.
      Since the original import;
      - Mode session support has been added.
      - Some cleanup of names has been made.
      - Data guarantee and references support was added.
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      MDL-55922 cache: Improve static cache performance · ec4b83b9
      Russell Smith authored
      Static cache has a very flexible storage capability
      and does not need all the checks performed on it.
      Enabling dereferencing handling and multiple identifiers
      removes a lot of unneeded overhead for request caches that
      have many get calls.
      The changes were modelled on the static acceleration changes
      done in MDL-53208.
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      MDL-55604 cache: Fix identifier and cacheable_object · 7ff43e1a
      Russell Smith authored
      When a cachable object is store in the static cache from
      the backing store, it was incorrect serialised rather than
      using the wake function.  This has been resolved and tests added.
      During the investigation into cacheable_object, it was discovered
      that set_identifiers never removes identifiers when you call it,
      so set_identifiers(array('a')) and set_identifiers(array('b')) really
      resulted in array('a','b') as the identifiers rather than 'b'.
      The fix for this issue depends on the set_identifiers fix and
      they have been coupled together as a result.
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