1. 21 Nov, 2016 1 commit
  2. 09 Nov, 2016 1 commit
  3. 31 Oct, 2016 1 commit
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  7. 23 Sep, 2016 4 commits
    • Damyon Wiese's avatar
      MDL-55996 theme_boost: Rename theme noname to theme boost · 2ede86d7
      Damyon Wiese authored and Dan Poltawski's avatar Dan Poltawski committed
      Part of MDL-55071
    • Damyon Wiese's avatar
      MDL-55839 behat: Behat fixes for theme_noname · 63e4df60
      Damyon Wiese authored and Dan Poltawski's avatar Dan Poltawski committed
      This is a squash of many small fixes.
      The list of changes are:
      Initial set of behat selectors overrides required for new theme.
      set core behat selectors if not overridden by theme
      Remove pause
      Fix for checkboxes not saving properly
      Custom override for click in the user menu
      Fix for behat guessing the field type.
      Behat fix for guessing the correct field type.
      Fix for missing closeElementBefore mforms mess.
      Fix for textareas not displaying their contents.
      Fix availability form element
      Fix action menu selectors for activities in a course page
      Fix textareas not retaining their values
      Fix selector for blocks
      I had to change the single select template to use an input instead of a button because of a
      behat bug we have not tracked down yet.
      Fix for frozen attribute in form elements
      Use input instead of button while behat is still broken
      Fix for navigation selector override
      Behat selector fixes and multi-select fixes for templated select
      Fix for configure blocks selector + booleans for autocomplete
      Fixes for course_summary behat tests
      Allow optgroups in single_select
      Behat fixes for block_navigation
      Fixes for url form element and activity chooser selectors
      blocks_social - fix specific selector for behat
      Fix export_for_template for selectgroups element.
      Dont set empty id on the form
      Fix direct call to behat_navigation in backup context
      Checkbox empty value fix
      Fix for assign grading panel popouts
      file picker overrides to find a file manager in the page
      Fix chat tests to use element name
      Make selectors in mod_data behat less specific
      MDL-55839: recent activity behat test relies on time()
      SQUASH Honour mform element "class" attribute on the container
      SQUASH Fixes for behat in mod_forum
      SQUASH search form template showing value as text next to the button
      SQUASH undo double selectgroup fix
      SQUASH - The slightly different structure to action menus breaks course drag and drop
      SQUASH Wrap loading icon in a span so the selector still works.
      SQUASH Fix fragile javascript in report_loglive
      SQUASH Fix tabtree, and selectgroups for mod_feedback
      Also - do-not enhance the action menu - we are dropping support for this.
      SQUASH Fix filemanager selector and pix_icon template for mod_forum tests.
      SQUASH Fixes to breadcrumb and add formid to single select (fixes mod_glossary tests)
      SQUASH lesson behat fixes. 95% of lesson styles were rubbish so they were disgarded.
      SQUASH Fix lti behat tests - they were cheating and using a context step from quiz
      SQUASH Behat fixes for quiz with new theme
      SQUASH behat fixes for mod_wiki
      SQUASH Workshop behat fixes
      SQUASH Frozen form elements cannot use a readonly form element because it screws with the form JS "disabledIf" stuff.
      SQUASH Fixes for grades behat tests
      SQUASH behat fixes for groups
      SQUASH blacklist action menu tests
      SQUASH Fix for tag form element missing "manage standard tags" link
      SQUASH Incomplete fixes for course behat tests
      SQUASH behat fixes for badges
      SQUASH Tags fixes for behat
      SQUASH filepicker fixes for behat
      SQUASH Abort guessing field type when we hit 'html'
      SQUASH Fix for admin/tool/behat tests
      SQUASH fix for admin tool behat tests
      SQUASH fix for availabilty conditions hiding "aria-hidden" elements
      SQUASH give the blocks more room. We get behat files because nav tree nodes are not in view
      SQUASH Blocks fixed
      Fix behaviour of unchecked checkboxes
      SQUASH Remove incorrect step in user test
      SQUASH behat fixes for course tests
      Part of MDL-55071
    • Damyon Wiese's avatar
      MDL-55417 forms: Clean up form element template patch · 344321e1
      Damyon Wiese authored and Dan Poltawski's avatar Dan Poltawski committed
      Use a trait and a base mustache template for all form elements to reduce code
      duplication and increase standardisation.
      Part of MDL-55071
    • Damyon Wiese's avatar
      MDL-55417 forms: Render form elements with a template · 91bda4cd
      Damyon Wiese authored and Dan Poltawski's avatar Dan Poltawski committed
      This change allows form elements to be overridden with a mustache template.
      The template can even listen for form validation errors and supply the JS to
      change the look of the form element when there is/isn't a validation error.
      Initial support is for all core form elements including:
      text, select, selectyesno and checkboxes, groups, dateselector, datetimeselector,
      autocomplete, modvisible, advcheckbox, button, duration, filemanager, filepicker, editor, static, grading,
      warning, textarea, password, url, submit, questioncategory, recaptcha.
      Part of MDL-55071