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      auth/ldap MDL-23652 Error in auth_ldap_sync_users.php · 3e5f4b87
      Inaki authored
      We need to specify a valid user id in the call to role_assign(). And we only
      have to make the call if the user has been added successfully, not
      Also make sure we lowercase the memberuser and group distinguished names
      before comparing them. Depending on the LDAP server we can get mixed case
      values for the DNs, and the user may have specified the creators group/ou
      name in a different case.
      By the way, this has been broken for ages (since the auth cleanup in 1.8, in
      2007!). It's a bit strange nobody noticed before :-O
      Credit goes to Joe Chryst.
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    • Petr Skoda's avatar
      MDL-21782 reworked enrolment framework, the core infrastructure is in place,... · df997f84
      Petr Skoda authored
      MDL-21782 reworked enrolment framework, the core infrastructure is in place, the basic plugins are all implemented; see the tracker issue for list of unfinished bits, expect more changes and improvements during the next week
          MOV [sendcoursewelcomemessage,core_admin],[sendcoursewelcomemessage,enrol_self]
          MOV [configsendcoursewelcomemessage,core_admin],[sendcoursewelcomemessage_desc,enrol_self]
          MOV [enrolstartdate,core],[enrolstartdate,enrol_self]
          MOV [enrolenddate,core],[enrolenddate,enrol_self]
          CPY [welcometocourse,core],[welcometocourse,enrol_self]
          CPY [welcometocoursetext,core],[welcometocoursetext,enrol_self]
          MOV [notenrollable,core],[notenrollable,core_enrol]
          MOV [enrolenddaterror,core],[enrolenddaterror,enrol_self]
          MOV [enrolmentkeyhint,core],[passwordinvalidhint,enrol_self]
          MOV [coursemanager,core_admin],[coursecontact,core_admin]
          MOV [configcoursemanager,core_admin],[coursecontact_desc,core_admin]
          MOV [enrolledincourserole,core],[enrolledincourserole,enrol_manual]
          MOV [enrolme,core],[enrolme,core_enrol]
          MOV [unenrol,core],[unenrol,core_enrol]
          MOV [unenrolme,core],[unenrolme,core_enrol]
          MOV [enrolmentnew,core],[enrolmentnew,core_enrol]
          MOV [enrolmentnewuser,core],[enrolmentnewuser,core_enrol]
          MOV [enrolments,core],[enrolments,core_enrol]
          MOV [enrolperiod,core],[enrolperiod,core_enrol]
          MOV [unenrolroleusers,core],[unenrolroleusers,core_enrol]
      AMOS END
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    • Petr Skoda's avatar
      MDL-22060 fixed $a in string to match new rules · 2c10db3b
      Petr Skoda authored
       REM fixed $a[] in [auth_dbdeleteuser, auth_db]
       REM fixed $a[] in [auth_dbinsertuser, auth_db]
       REM fixed $a[] in [auth_dbreviveduser, auth_db]
       REM fixed $a[] in [auth_dbsuspenduser, auth_db]
       REM fixed $a[] in [auth_dbupdatinguser, auth_db]
      AMOS END
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      Cache LDAP connections: MDL-18130 Properly handle open LDAP connections. · eee34307
      iarenaza authored
      Both CAS and LDAP auth plugins open new connections to the LDAP server
      to get the user account details. While this is the desired behaviour
      for regular logins (we probably don't have an already open connection
      to the LDAP server), this is a ressource hog when we are doing user
      synchronization, as the closed connections remain in the TCP_WAIT
      state for a while before the server can reuse them. If we are syncing
      a lot of users, we can make the server run out of available TCP
      So we cache the connection the first time we establish it and return
      the same connection handle everytime, unless we've closed all the
      'open' connections, or the auth object is destroyed.
      In addition to that, there were a few missing calls to ldap_close().
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      NTLM SSO: MDL-13760 Speed up ntlm sign on with conditional redirect for msie · 16ceeb64
      iarenaza authored
      Provides an option, configurable by admin, to make the ntlm test happen
      only if MSIE is not used. This speeds things up for IE.
    • iarenaza's avatar
      NTLM SSO: MDL-14584 Fix for several outstanding NTLM SSO issues. · 4194d321
      iarenaza authored
      These include:
      MDL-14078: redirect() doubles the specified timeout when we haven't printed
                 the page header and uses javascript to execute the redirect. This
                 is interacting badly with some versions of IE and FF (at least
                 3.0.x Windows version) that fireup javascript timers even if
                 we already left the page where we set those up. Just print
                 the page header (we are printing other content anyway) to
                 make redirect respect our timeouts.
      MDL-14071: All the relevant details are in the description of the bug :)
      MDL-14297: This is probably the same as MDL-14078
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      auth/ldap: MDL-9405 sync_users() can create duplicated users · 997bcd9e
      iarenaza authored
      Merged from MOODLE_18_STABLE
      If we are using auth_ldap_sync_users.php to synchronize our users, and we
      have a database which is case-sensitive when doing comparisons (Postgres and
      Oracle at least), and any of our users has the vale of the username attribute
      in mixed-case (like 'John Smith'), we get duplicated users.
      This is because we don't make sure the username attribute value is 'lowercased'
      after we retrive it from the LDAP server and before we insert it into the
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    • iarenaza's avatar
      MDL-16061 Revert incorrect fix for "Remove 'username' from the $moodleattributes array" · 5261baf1
      iarenaza authored
      Merged from MOODLE_18_STABLE.
      The fix is wrong, as it breaks auth_db_sync_users.php and
      auth_ldap_sync_users.php at least. No new users are added to Moodle, as the
      username is missing from the new user info record.
      The fix needs to go into update_user_record() in lib/moodlelib.php to make it
      skip the 'username' key, as we really need get_userinfo() to return the
      username as part of the user info array.
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