Commit facc7b38 authored by sam_marshall's avatar sam_marshall
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MDL-14286: Help popup now includes title of help page in window <title>

parent 1569ebe6
......@@ -20,15 +20,14 @@ $module = optional_param('module', 'moodle', PARAM_ALPHAEXT);
$forcelang = optional_param('forcelang', '', PARAM_SAFEDIR);
$skiplocal = optional_param('skiplocal', 0, PARAM_INT); // shall _local help files be skipped?
// Start the output.
// We look for the help to display in lots of different places, and
// only display an error at the end if we can't find the help file
// anywhere. This variable tracks that.
$helpfound = false;
// Buffer output so that we can examine it later to extract metadata (page title)
if (!empty($file)) {
// The help to display is from a help file.
......@@ -118,6 +117,33 @@ if (!empty($file)) {
$helpfound = true;
// Finish buffer
// Determine title
$title=get_string('help'); // Default is just 'Help'
// You can include a <title> tag to override the standard behaviour:
// 'Help - title contents'. Otherwise it looks for the text of the first
// heading: 'Help - heading text'. If there aren't even any headings
// you just get 'Help'
if(preg_match('~^(.*?)<title>(.*?)</title>(.*)$~s',$output,$matches)) {
// Extract title
$title=$title.' - '.$matches[2];
// Strip title from output
} else if(preg_match('~<h[0-9]+(\s[^>]*)?>(.*?)</h[0-9]+>~s',$output,$matches)) {
// Use first heading as title (obviously leave it in output too). Strip
// any tags from inside
$title=$title.' - '.$matches[2];
// Do the main output.
print $output;
// Display an error if necessary.
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