Commit f7666835 authored by David Monllaó's avatar David Monllaó Committed by Andrew Nicols
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MDL-50332 enrol_self: Setting form url for guests

Credit to Andrew Nicols.
parent 3bf8439e
......@@ -249,7 +249,11 @@ class enrol_self_plugin extends enrol_plugin {
$data = new stdClass();
$data->header = $this->get_instance_name($instance);
$data->info = $enrolstatus;
$form = new enrol_self_empty_form(null, $data);
// The can_self_enrol call returns a button to the login page if the user is a
// guest, setting the login url to the form if that is the case.
$url = isguestuser() ? get_login_url() : null;
$form = new enrol_self_empty_form($url, $data);
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