Commit f7016edc authored by martinlanghoff's avatar martinlanghoff
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index: use $PAGE->edit_course_allowed() instead of editcourseallowed()

$PAGE->edit_course_allowed() has been reworked and is faster/smarter
than editcourseallowed(). It can also be made more specific on a
per-page-type basis.
parent 9a55125e
......@@ -259,10 +259,10 @@
case 'right':
// The right column
if (blocks_have_content($pageblocks, BLOCK_POS_RIGHT) || $editing || editcourseallowed(SITEID)) {
if (blocks_have_content($pageblocks, BLOCK_POS_RIGHT) || $editing || $PAGE->user_allowed_editing()) {
echo '<td style="width: '.$preferred_width_right.'px;" id="right-column">';
if (!empty($THEME->customcorners)) print_custom_corners_start();
if (editcourseallowed(SITEID)) {
if ($PAGE->user_allowed_editing()) {
echo '<div style="text-align:center">'.update_course_icon($SITE->id).'</div>';
echo '<br />';
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