Commit f6fa9b49 authored by Rajesh Taneja's avatar Rajesh Taneja
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MDL-49806 behat: Ensure user is marked complete before runnning cron

parent 08d1c32b
......@@ -37,6 +37,12 @@ Feature: Allow teachers to manually mark users as complete when configured
And I follow "View course report"
And I should see "Student First"
And I follow "Click to mark user complete"
# Running cron just after clicking sometimes fail, so navigate back
# and ensure the student completion is updated before running cron.
And I am on site homepage
And I follow "Completion course"
And I follow "View course report"
And "//img[contains(@alt, 'Completed')]" "xpath_element" should exist in the "student1" "table_row"
And I trigger cron
And I am on homepage
And I log out
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