Commit f43155b6 authored by Damyon Wiese's avatar Damyon Wiese
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MDL-56189 theme_boost: Padding for modgrade form elements

parent 258d07d3
......@@ -423,3 +423,17 @@ textarea[data-auto-rows] {
[data-fieldtype="modgrade"] .form-group {
padding-bottom: $input-padding-y;
// We dont' use the mixin because it's expensive.
[data-fieldtype="modgrade"] {
background-color: $card-bg;
@include border-radius($card-border-radius);
border: $card-border-width solid $card-border-color;
padding: $card-spacer-x;
margin-left: $grid-gutter-width / 2;
max-width: 30rem;
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