Commit f40b444e authored by Marina Glancy's avatar Marina Glancy
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MDL-52707 tags: fix SQL query to work on all DBs

parent aca13ea2
......@@ -1583,10 +1583,10 @@ class core_tag_tag {
// Item is tagged with both main tag and the duplicate tag.
// Remove instance pointing to the duplicate tag.
$tag->delete_instance_as_record($record, false);
$sql = "UPDATE {tag_instance} ti SET ordering = ordering - 1
WHERE ti.itemtype = :itemtype
AND ti.itemid = :itemid AND ti.component = :component AND ti.tiuserid = :tiuserid
AND ti.ordering > :ordering";
$sql = "UPDATE {tag_instance} SET ordering = ordering - 1
WHERE itemtype = :itemtype
AND itemid = :itemid AND component = :component AND tiuserid = :tiuserid
AND ordering > :ordering";
$DB->execute($sql, (array)$record);
} else {
// Item is tagged only with duplicate tag but not the main tag.
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